ABOUT | inconclusively

2019 | Photoshop, performance (Instagram)

Part of a larger multimedia project, inconclusively manipulates the idea of the self-portrait to call attention to the varying ways in which one documents and represents the self. Referencing all previous photos in every frame, each portrait aggregates and compiles multiple identities and "selves” into a single portrait. With each frame, all personas are re-contextualized to fit the aesthetic and theme of the current representation.

In a cultural moment where a the idea of a "personal brand” is so pervasive and social media allow individuals to represent, advertise, and memorialize themselves in the ways they wish to be seen– multiplicity is limited to the physical realm in isolated contexts.

Limited to photos of the self by the self– "selfies”, if you will– inconclusively seeks to reclaim representation whilst leaning into that multiplicity found in every individual– visually collapsing and documenting numerous selves in a single moment.

ABOUT | hold still these passing parts

2019 | scanner

hold still these passing parts calls attention to parts of the body that are treated as parts in passing– in perpetual motion and never scrutinized while held in plain sight. These parts are in constant motion, less than beautiful, destined to be manipulated, furnished, and accessorized.


ABOUT | *footnote

2018 | performance (Instagram)

*footnote is a series of 8 posts crafted to shine light on the heavily curated nature of social media presences. From explaining intent, to the editing process, to revealing the story behind each photo, *footnote is a project of transparency, attempting to sever itself from the cultural norms, forces, and expectations at play. 

After 8 posts, I found there to be further dynamics that came into play when creating this project, finding it is practically impossible in that moment to achieve absolute truth and transparency in that performative space. From the photo I ended up choosing, the language I used to describe its context, the nature of the context of each photo-- It was inevitably influenced by the culture it sought to critique.