Isabela Angus


My goal is simple:  to pursue a career and live a life conducted with radical empathy and intentionality.

This vision is apparent in everything I commit myself to, whether it be in content creation through 16til26*, serving Stanford's Class of 2020 as Class President, musical theatre, or songwriting.

I am currently a senior at Stanford pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies with a thematic concentration on Representation and Self-Fashioning in Mass Media. I spend my time writing– music, blog posts, poetry, creative nonfiction, journal entries– trying to make sense of my self and the world around me. I make art that constructs concepts of who I am, who I was, and who I want to be. I write about my experience, in a feverish effort to represent myself in the ways that I wish to be understood.

I care a lot about the ways in which we perform the self and our stories, and how that performance privileges ourselves into a collective memory that lives beyond us. How relinquishing the concept of the self into that collective memory affects our physical self and our relationship with it. How a world can be more connected, and simultaneously isolating, than ever. I am here to critically explore how a world so enamored with authenticity can still limit it so greatly.